mermaid kisses

Mermaid Kisses

7:00 AM

We're reaching the last few weeks of summer! Time sure went by fast. It's nice that it wasn't as hot as the past few summers here in sunny California. Today I wanted to share with you all our ARF line. It's filled with little people with really big heads and some really big ears (lol). Who doesn't love big ears?. This set embodies a girl's hopes, dreams, and all the sweet things in between just like Ariel.

I've been trying to make stuff with the stamp set. Here's what I've created:

Hope you enjoyed these samples I made. There's so much possibilities with the set. Can't wait to share them with you all, but first I must keep on practicing coloring, distressing, and all the good stuff that goes with card making.

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  1. They're very cute! It's another lovely stampset

  2. You're little mermaids and under the sea creatures are just adorable!!

  3. Such cute stamps. Love the cards you created.
    I tried to check your shop, but the site won't load. Maybe you could check that.